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Our professional development training courses are designed to meet the needs of a changing corporate environment. It's no longer enough to be highly skilled in technical areas. Organisations are now calling for people with high emotional intelligence, people management skills, critical thinking skills, and cognitive flexibility.  

We've developed four leading edge training courses to target these key areas which can be delivered as off the shelf training sessions or we can tailor a course to suit your organisational needs. Our accredited trainers are available on-site or off-site, in person or online, with some public classes available throughout the year.

Understanding People

The study of human personality was once left to trained specialists in a niche field. Today, it's considered essential knowledge for professionals to be able to effectively relate, and communicate with their teams. Using the framework of the Enneagram in this leading edge training, you will explore this dynamic and practical tool which goes far beyond identifying behaviours, to really understand what drives and motivates both you and the people you work with. If the Enneagram is new to you, read our blog here.

Evolved Communication

Are you getting the response you want when communicating? Do you ever feel like others are not receiving your message the way you intended? Our evolved communication training course is designed for professionals who want to learn and embody emotionally intelligent communication skills for better outcomes with people. Learn how to ask high quality questions to gain high quality information so that you can effectively communicate with your colleagues and your team.

Time Management

We take a different approach to time management. You have twenty-four hours in a day. That's never going to change, and it's an illusion that we can manage time. So then, what can we manage? We can manage ourselves, how we plan and prioritize our work, and how distracted we are. This training course is really about self management. You'll uncover what your current blocks to productivity are, and how you can develop new behaviours and strategies to prioritize effectively and achieve peak performance.

Conflict Resolution

If you work with people, then conflict resolution is a valuable skill to have in your toolkit. Conflict can arise in any work environment or situation and is sometimes unpredictable and not always problematic. This training course explores how conflict arises and delivers the key skills involved for resolving conflict in emotionally intelligent ways. Learn to recognise conflict, prevent conflict from escalating and resolve conflict to promote growth, innovation and healthy workplace relationships.

Upcoming Public Training

Understanding People compressedSML - Professional Development Training

Understanding People

Understand the dynamic ways in which people communicate, relate and respond to the world so that your leadership and relationships can become richer and more effective.

  • Online
  • No Prerequisites
  • Eligible for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Points
Evolved Communication compressed - Professional Development Training

Evolved Communication

This training is designed to challenge its participants and turn ineffective habituated patterns of communicating into highly effective conversations like no other. 

  • Online
  • No Prerequisites
  • Eligible for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Points

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We offer custom training courses to address a range of professional development areas.
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tvo no photo - Professional Development Training

It is so worth it!

Done the influential communication short course yesterday and it is so worth it! I cannot believe how little I knew and how much I could learn in only an 8 hour period. Thanks so much for helping me become a better leader!

Dayle Richens
vikram gujral - Professional Development Training

I have never been the same since!

This training in Time Management has lifted a weight from my shoulders, thankfully I have never been the same since.

Vikram Gujral Area Manager, Red Rooster
nat rowette - Professional Development Training

I have seen strong growth...

I found Modo's ability to deliver the framework of the Enneagram as ground breaking in cracking the long-standing codes of my personality. I have been applying this work to my business and personal life and I have seen strong growth with much less stress and effort.

Natalie Rowett Owner Athletes Foot, Albury
Mark Woodrow - Professional Development Training

Modo is a fantastic team!

Modo is a fantastic team of passionate and knowledgeable professionals who helped guide me through the Enneagram and discover more about my personality traits, helping me to further my personal growth.

Mark Woodrow

The  Enneagram  &  Training

The Enneagram is a powerful framework for understanding ourselves and others. We've taken it to the next level by applying this framework in our training courses. Learn how each type communicates, relates, leads, gives and receives feedback, and responds to conflict, so you can gain a deep awareness of yourself and others in the workplace, to promote exceptional outcomes in your people.

Website Training and Enneagram Infographicv2 - Professional Development Training

If you'd like to learn more about the Enneagram, read our blog here.

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