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Our personal development Enneagram Workshops are devoted to the primary goal of the Enneagram: to provide you with a broader perspective on your life and to use these insights as a basis for personal growth and transformation.

We offer regular Part 1 and Part 2 workshops, with other Enneagram events occurring throughout the year, such as Enneagram Retreats, Parenting with the Enneagram, and The Enneagram and Relationships to name a few.

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Our Enneagram Pathway

Enneagram Part 1

Know Thy House

This is the workshop for you if you are new to Modo's Enneagram Pathway. We begin the journey together by learning about the 9 types of personality and how they are constructed within our three centres… our thinking, our feeling and our instinctual centre. This is the foundation level required to discover yourself and others through this profound and dynamic framework.

Enneagram Part 2 

The Pick-Axe Work

In Part 2 we explore the process Enneagram and how each of us approach tests and trials in our life and where each type becomes stuck in their journey. We invite you to bring a current and real challenge to this workshop, as we go on a hero's journey together around the Enneagram.  If you are ready for rapid transformational change, you won't want to miss this workshop.

Enneagram & Parenting

This Masterclass is for you if you take care of children in any capacity! Understanding our own parenting / care styles and how they impact those we care for can really assist us in changing unconscious patterns of behaviour that no longer serve us. And understanding the personality types of those we care for, can facilitate children to step into their highest and best as they grow. If you are ready to understand yourself and others at a deeper level, then this masterclass is for you!

Enneagram & Your Health

This Masterclass is for you if you would like to understand how you are relating to food, diet, exercise, and your body. Uncover unconscious motivations that may be keeping you stuck in unhelpful patterns of behaviour. Learn ways to overcome these patterns so that you can step into higher levels of health and vitality. Every personality type has particular ways of thinking and behaving in these areas of life. If you would like to gain a greater self-awareness in these areas then this masterclass is for you.

Enneagram & Relationships

This Masterclass is for you if you would like to understand how you and others show up in relationship dynamics. Each personality type has different ways of communicating – sending positive, negative, and mixed messages in relationships. This can interfere with intimacy. If you would like to learn ways to understand and relate more deeply with others and learn how to champion and love our own and others strengths in relationships then this masterclass is for you!

Kyle Winter - Enneagram and Personal Development

An incredible experience

I attended Part 1 of Modo's Enneagram Pathway and found it to be an incredible experience. Donna did an excellent job at guiding the group through their journeys and helped us as we uncovered some hard truths. I got more out of this workshop than I could ever have dreamed of and I can't wait to attend the next part. I highly recommend others to attend this course or any other course offered by Modo. You won't regret it.

Kyle Winter
rosie saxton - Enneagram and Personal Development

Tamara's understanding is outstanding

The Enneagram would in my opinion, be equally useful in the corporate world, in therapeutic fields and in personal development; Tamara's understanding of the relevance to each area is outstanding.

Rosie Saxton Doctor
Ana Bosnic - Enneagram and Personal Development

So beautifully facilitated

Just did their 2 day Part 1 workshop.. Wow! Learned so much about each type and the levels of health within my own. Thank you Tam. So beautifully facilitated.

Ana Bosnic
Bolor Erdene Altangerel - Enneagram and Personal Development

I have really enjoyed Enneagram Part 1

Tamara and Donna are the angels to opening up your real sense of self and keep in touch with your true self. I have really enjoyed the enneagram part 1.

Bolor-Erdene Altangerel
leanne price - Enneagram and Personal Development

I have experienced phenomenal shifts...

Since participating in the Enneagram Workshop, I have experienced phenomenal shifts in mind, body and soul. Modo Coaching and Training provides a professional and safe environment to heal and transcend your ego in a gentle way.

Leanne Price
none - Enneagram and Personal Development

I feel so blessed to have crossed paths with Tam and Donna and been able to participate in the Enneagram "Know Thy House" workshop 1. They have been so supportive, warm and engaging and I found the experience very enlightening and empowering. To say I've learnt a lot about my inner workings is an understatement. I've dipped a toe into the ocean of my inner-self and can't wait to jump in for Part 2. This course is a gift you give to yourself.

Hugh. Maitri Student
Soo Balbi - Enneagram and Personal Development

Highly recommend them.

Tamara and Donna bring a wealth of knowledge and insight to their programs, along with sharply honed facilitation skills. Practices throughout ensure an embodied experience as well as an intellectual understanding for participants. I just completed my second 3 day workshop with them and highly recommend them to anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the Enneagram and how it plays out in their own lives.

Soo Balbi
Josh Howell - Enneagram and Personal Development

A treasure trove of valuable information!

Tamara's coaching is simply brilliant. She is incredibly present, perceptive and skilled in the art. The workshop that Tamara and Donna ran was fantastic. The theory and practical exercises were balanced which meant I was still feeling fully engaged by the end of the day. The accompanying manual is a treasure trove of valuable information. As for the hosts themselves, they are a delight to work with. Thank you Tamara and Donna 1f642 - Enneagram and Personal Development

Josh Howell
Max Young - Enneagram and Personal Development

Donna & Tamara are an inspiring and amazing duo

The Enneagram training was humorous, profound, illuminating and most importantly (for me), grounded. Donna and Tamara are an inspiring and amazing duo with a wealth of knowledge and experience with the Enneagram. This is demonstrated through subtle yet profound nuances and great real-life examples. For me, that was a difference that made the difference in learning about the Enneagram with Modo Coaching and Training.

Max Young
Max Young - Enneagram and Personal Development

Highly Recommend!

The Enneagram workshop facilitated by Donna and Tam is humorous, profound, enlightening and pragmatic. They are a dynamic duo with a wealth of love, knowledge and experience. Highly recommend!

Max Young Coach & Facilitator

Enneagram Coaching for Personal Development

Life Coaching

Our accredited Associate Certified Meta-Coaches are also experienced Enneagram facilitators. In every life coaching program, we invite our clients to complete an Enneagram RHETI® Test free of charge. We will then debrief and discuss these results in your first session. Our ongoing programs support your growth and development in a way that is relevant to YOUR type. This is not  a one-size fits all approach.

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