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If you want to understand human behaviour, then the Enneagram is a powerful tool. It's often referred to as a personality typing system or typology but it is so much more. It is used as a tool for personal and professional development. It's especially useful if you seek to understand yourself and others, improve team dynamics and develop emotional intelligence.

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 If it's used in the right way, the Enneagram promotes rapid growth for an employee, and the business benefits too! In a word, the more an employee grows, the more the team grows. A leader that invests in their people, invests in the success of the business. 

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The Enneagram takes Modo's coaching with you to the next level. This means you get a deeper understanding of yourself when you choose the Enneagram & Coaching. All of our coaching programs include a RHETI® Assessment.

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Our Enneagram Workshops have been developed to support you to further your self development and deepen your awareness of self and others. Join us at one of our face to face workshops, or inquire about our online training coming soon.

Ana Bosnic - Enneagram With Modo

So beautifully facilitated

Just did their 2 day Part 1 workshop.. Wow! Learned so much about each type and the levels of health within my own. Thank you Tam. So beautifully facilitated.

Ana Bosnic
Max Young - Enneagram With Modo

Highly Recommend!

The Enneagram workshop facilitated by Donna and Tam is humorous, profound, enlightening and pragmatic. They are a dynamic duo with a wealth of love, knowledge and experience. Highly recommend!

Max Young Coach & Facilitator
Elissa Gallo - Enneagram With Modo

Amazing facilitators

Amazing facilitators that are very knowledgable, creating a supportive and safe environment for learning and sharing.

Elissa Gallo
Bonita Capuano - Enneagram With Modo

I learnt so much!

Thank you for a insightful, educational two days! I learnt so much, not only about myself but how others navigate through life which will help me immensely in my own business. Tamara and Donna have a wealth of knowledge in this area and bring their absolute passion to each day. Keep doing what you're doing!

Bonita Capuano

Why learn about the Enneagram?

Learning the Enneagram gives you a direct and unique path for your own personal and professional development. All of our coaching and Enneagram training programs include an invitation to complete the comprehensive RHETI® test, free of charge.  We'll discuss these results together at your first coaching or training session.

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