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Tamara Davidson
( the big sister )

The one thing that can enslave or liberate you is your thought.

Tamara is a partner and Managing Director of Modo Coaching & Training and a highly experienced Executive and Personal Development Coach and Facilitator with over 20 years of experience in leadership roles within large organisations. Tamara has trained with some of the worlds leading experts in the human potential movement, where she has specialised in the Enneagram, Meta-Coaching, Neuro-Semantics, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming to name a few.

Tamara’s profound ability to ask meaningful questions that get right to the heart of the matter allows conversations to take place like no other, which facilitate new ways of being and doing that are extremely valuable for her clients. Her challenging, compassionate and engaging style facilitates personal accountability and responsibility at its highest expression for personal freedom. “She really ‘gets’ people, and understands the complexity of the human condition and what to do about it.”

When engaging with Tamara, her relentless passion to eliminate human suffering and her drive to facilitate people to step into their highest potential is evident. Tamara’s own unique life path, has in many ways, prepared her for this work. She has gained a solid reputation as an outstanding “out of the box” coach and facilitator, and her keynote talks have been described as moving and inspirational. You can be sure that she will bring richness and depth to her facilitation in which truth finding and reality checking is on offer.

Tamara and her husband Jonny have embarked on a new adventure in 2020 with the arrival of their daughter Bonnie. She describes this journey as one of continuous learning and a next level balancing act as a working mum.

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Now comes the test! Can I truly walk my talk? Nothing slaps you into the present moment like a new born and challenges everything you thought you knew! Some days I meet my expectations and other days I decide to lower the bar! Flexibility is key. This is the greatest gift I’ve ever been given… the privilege to love and nurture this beautiful little soul, all the while I get to witness my own limitations and superpowers as I unfold into motherhood.

Donna Woodrow
( the little sister )

Educating the mind, without educating the heart, is no education at all. 

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Donna is the other half of the Modo Coaching & Training Partnership, and also shares the duties of Managing Director. Having followed somewhat in her sister’s footsteps, Donna has also trained with some of the world’s leading experts in the Enneagram, Meta-Coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Prior to "finding herself" Donna's career consisted of building databases and supporting the IT needs of global Fortune 500 companies. After spending over 10 years in the corporate environment and seeing first-hand the great potential and the challenges of human behaviour, Donna takes a genuine interest in the collective and personal growth of the human race and its individuals.

Donna is a seeker who loves to travel and invests considerable time in her own personal growth. It's no wonder that she has travelled the world to train and be trained in a range of business and personal development areas. Donna believes strongly in the unlimited potential of all human beings and loves working with individuals who are not afraid to look deeply within themselves - and because she is aware of the courage it takes to look within, Donna provides a safe coaching space without judgement, whilst still keeping it real to support your growth.

Self-identified as a Type 9 on the Enneagram, Donna is an accepting, reassuring and supportive Coach, and in the training room she is skilled at harmonising groups and bringing people together. It's Donna's vision, to see a world which holds compassion and acceptance for the disaster and delight of personality that is within us all.

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Executive Assistant

Jenny is our office all-round superstar, taking care of our schedules and all manner of administrative duties. Jenny has been with us since the very beginning. In her spare time she volunteers her time for worthy causes in her community and loves spending time with her family. 

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Brand Manager

Olive is our very own in-house marketing Guru. Olive is a recent CSU graduate of Business. Olive keeps our clients up to date on our upcoming events, and services. Outside of work you'll find Olive relaxing with family and friends, and planning her next adventure! 

What our clients say...

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I have been able to find my true purpose and direction

I have been able to find my true purpose and direction in life through coaching with Donna. I would highly recommend Modo Coaching & Training to anyone wanting to learn new ways to live and grow.

Hanieh Saatchi IM Engineer
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Obvious Depth of Knowledge

I was very impressed by Tamara's obvious depth of knowledge of the Enneagram and her effortless capacity to facilitate a diverse group of participants, meeting each at their level of understanding.

Rosie Saxton Doctor
mell richter - About Modo

The changes I experienced are significant.

I have been coaching with Donna over the past six months and the changes I have experienced in my life have been significant. The things that I had been struggling with are no longer themes in my life.

Mell Richter Teacher

Our Guiding



Honesty and transparency.
We strive to stand in our integrity with everyone we meet. We believe that honesty and transparency are the keys to building deeply connected relationships. That’s what we’re about.


Love conquers all.
We believe in the intrinsic value of every human being and we understand the human condition... we're living it. We let go of judgement and hold love and compassion for all. And we invite the
humility that comes from knowing that we are all in this together.


Let's walk our talk.
Here’s the inside scoop... we are not yet enlightened, nor have we reached any end goal. No, we’re doing the work with you. No fluff here, just a team of people walking our path and sharing our gifts with
the world. What you see is what you get.


You get serious, you get stupid.
Diving deep into the delight and disaster of ourselves can be serious business... But it doesn’t have to be. We know that a light heart and a sense of humour are keys to keeping a balanced perspective. Let’s share the joy of being alive!


Question Everything.
If we start by ‘knowing nothing’ there is so much more to learn, and in learning, we grow. We are reality checkers, truth seekers and explorers, and we are deeply curious about people, and how we reach our highest potentials in life.


The only thing that's certain is change.
We’ve given ourselves permission to change our minds, to adapt, and to be with what reality is presenting us in any given moment. We trust in the intelligence of each moment, knowing that having flexibility is a key to our evolution. 


We have much to be thankful for.
If you only have one breath left, use it to say thank you. We wouldn’t be here today without some help along the way. If we are to share anything with the world, let it be gratitude for all we have.


Be brave enough to live the life you want.
Our playing small does not serve the world. We dare to dream big, and we challenge you to do the same. Let us raise a glass to every soul who has seen the path ahead and accepted the challenge. We practice living heart forward.


Courageous engagement.
When people are disconnected from their community this has a negative impact on individuals and society as a whole. That’s why we invest time in projects like Enneagram Prison Project. Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

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