Modo’s Enneagram in Business

The Enneagram in Business

know yourself, know your team

The Enneagram is not just a supportive tool for teams, but offers teams the ability to completely transform how they work. By bringing a common language to your workplace, your teams begin to understand one another and communicate like never before. This is professional development and team building, untapped.  

If you've ever wondered how to support an individual, or your whole team step into their highest potential, then we recommend exploring the Enneagram with Modo.

Curious about the science behind the Enneagram? Read these academic journals to learn more:

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Enneagram for Professionals

Executive Coaching

The Enneagram is not just a supportive tool for teams, it also offers immense value in our one-on-one coaching sessions with executives, leaders, managers, supervisors and business owners. Our coaches use the Enneagram to understand what drives you and to facilitate high performance and sustained behavioural change by applying a personalized approach for your coaching program.

Group Coaching

Group coaching promotes a positive culture of accountability and emotionally intelligent communication, setting the stage for high engagement and deep collaboration, where individuals contribute meaningfully to their team outcomes. This kind of coaching works best when the group have a common language such as the Enneagram to share their strengths and challenges.

Understanding People

Understanding People is a training that gives you four distinct leading edge 'lenses' to look through - to understand people and what motivates them. When you put these lenses together you begin to see the dynamic way in which people 'show up' and you gain the skills and knowledge to individually motivate your employees, resulting in an engaged and highly productive workforce.

Contact us if you would like this training in-house, or click the button below for our public offering. 

Mark Woodrow - Modo’s Enneagram in Business

Modo is a fantastic team!

Modo is a fantastic team of passionate and knowledgeable professionals who helped guide me through the Enneagram and discover more about my personality traits, helping me to further my personal growth.

Mark Woodrow

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