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Developmental & Transformational Coaching

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Coaching is a proven approach to facilitate transformation and accelerate development for individuals. Our experienced and accredited coaches provide tailor made coaching programs for your leaders, executives and their teams. Our personal development life coaching is for you if you're looking for ways to break old habits and to reach your goals, so you can achieve what you really really want in life. 

All of our coaching programs are delivered face to face or online.

Executive Coaching

This type of coaching is for anyone who's performance greatly impacts the success of an organisation, such as executives, leaders, managers, supervisors and business owners. Our experienced coaches facilitate high performance and sustained behavioural change.

Group Coaching

Team coaching promotes a positive culture of accountability and emotionally intelligent communication, setting the stage for high engagement, effective problem solving, and deep networking where individuals can contribute meaningfully to their team outcomes.

Life Coaching

Let's be honest. Life has its challenges and we can't always see clearly how to overcome them, because it's difficult to solve a problem with the same thinking that created it. This is where a coach can help. Why not invest in your most precious resource... you!

Our 3 Month coaching programs start from $1197 AUD +GST, or from $200 per hour. Contact us to discuss a program that's tailored to your needs.

Benefits  of  Coaching

Report increased Self-Confidence

80% of people who receive coaching report better 

Report improved Work Performance

70% of people who receive coaching benefit from better work performance.

Report recouping their investment

86% of companies, report that they recouped their investment on coaching.

Report improved relationships

73% of people who receive coaching report that their relationships improved.

Read more about the benefits of coaching by downloading the free ICF Report here.

mell richter - Executive Coaching & Life Coaching

Donna has given me new freedom!

Donna’s engaging and compassionate style has allowed
me to look in places I hadn’t imagined, which has given me
a new freedom. I would strongly recommend Donna to anyone
wanting to thrive in their personal development.

Mell Richter Teacher
leanne price - Executive Coaching & Life Coaching

I would highly recommend...

I would highly recommend Modo Coaching and Training to anyone who is ready to empower themselves
and lead a fulfilling life.

Leanne Price
tvo no photo - Executive Coaching & Life Coaching

Thank-You Tamara!

I thank you Tamara for the support you have given me: a safe environment to look within and to become free.

Jennie Campbell Trainer & Assessor
tvo no photo - Executive Coaching & Life Coaching

thanks Donna great insights that came out the session 🙂

hanieh saatchi - Executive Coaching & Life Coaching

Insightful and really valuable

Coaching with Donna has been insightful and really valuable to me in my personal and professional life. Donna is a natural born coach who displays great curiosity and care in our sessions.

Hanieh Saatchi IM Engineer

The  Enneagram  &  Coaching

Coaching with the Enneagram means that you have a direct and unique path for your own personal development. All of our coaching programs include an invitation to complete the comprehensive RHETI® Enneagram test, free of charge.  We'll discuss these results together at your first coaching session.

Website Why Learn the Enneagram Infographic - Executive Coaching & Life Coaching

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