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Top Tips for Achieving Goals

​Here are three things you can do today to drastically improve your chance of success in actualizing your goals​. Often the only thing standing in your way is you. At Modo we understand how important it is to close the knowing / doing gap, so you can get what you really want in life.


Top tips for July 2019


​State your goal positively.

​Sometimes when setting goals we say things like, "I don't want to be overweight", or "I want to stop smoking". Changing this to a positive goal increases your chances of success... Try something like "I want to be healthy and have vitality" instead.


​See the future.

​What will it look like, sound like, feel like, when you have achieved this goal? It is important to imagine what you will be thinking, doing and feeling when you have achieved your goal, this will help you remain focused.  


​Make a decision.

Do you really really want this? Then make a decision to take action one day at a time. Often we forget to make the decision to make a change and to take an action.​

​If you would like ​to ensure your success in setting and achieving your goals, Modo can help. Check out our Coaching programs where a Modo Coach assists you in getting what you really really want!

About the Author Tamara Pickard

Tamara Pickard is an Executive Coach, Trainer and a Managing Director of Modo Coaching and Training, with many years of experience leading large organisations. Tamara is a certified Meta-Coach, Master NLP practitioner and Enneagram facilitator and her passion is to facilitate people to discover and actualise their highest potentials in their personal and professional lives.

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