Meta-Coaching A Systematic Approach 

 February 4, 2020

By  Tamara Pickard

Did you know that Meta-Coaching has become by all accounts the most systematic approach to Coaching anywhere in the world! You can check out our related blog Why choose a Meta-Coach.


In fact, to become a Meta-Coach one must complete 180 hours of Coach training in the behavioural sciences such as Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Neuro Semantics (NS) and benchmark across 7 core competencies, with many behavioural sub-skills in each. This rigorous credentialing exceeds even the International Coaching Federations (ICF) standards, making Meta-Coaching the leader in Coaching standards worldwide.

Why is this important you ask?

Because for a professional Coach to develop true and healthy expertise in the field of coaching, that person needs to confidently know WHAT they are doing with WHOM at any given point in time and HOW to do a particular intervention and WHY.

If a coach cannot do this, then whatever they are doing is just a guess. A coach without a systematic approach to their coaching will be treating the coaching process like a set of tricks, reaching into their self-development bag, and pulling some technique out, hoping and wishing that what they are doing has a chance of working.

A coach needs to know WHAT they are doing with WHOM at any given point in time,
 and HOW to do a particular intervention and WHY.

Would you want to hire a coach who is guessing?

To be a professional in any field requires understanding the profession – the psychology that governs it, the philosophy that informs it, and the practices that actualise it.

Meta-Coaching is based on 3 fundamental psychologies;

  • Self-Actualization Psychology
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Cognitive Behavioural Psychology

These psychologies describe the principals for how psychologically healthy people grow, develop and realize their potential. 

Because Meta-Coaching is a systematic approach to the coaching process, it allows coaches to learn each piece of the puzzle and engage in “deliberate practice” to fully embody and develop true expertise in the competencies of coaching. This allows for you the client to bring anything to a coaching conversation, as a Meta-Coach will direct a client’s attention to a level higher than performance, state, attitude, and belief to work with the structures of the mind-body-emotion system which governs peak performance.

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These structures are the client's inner game. And we know that the 'Inner Game' governs the 'Outer Game', so it's pretty important to understand how it works. 

Another benefit of this systematic approach to coaching is being able to measure your return on investment (ROI). If a Coach does not have a systematic approach to their Coaching how do you know if the coaching is “working?”

This critical skill of bench-marking is used by Meta-Coaches to quantify the client’s terms and operationalise the skills and processes required to achieve a client’s outcome. Without this, a coach will find it difficult to demonstrate the value and benefit of the coaching ROI. Bench-marking enables you the client, to mark and measure the difference that coaching makes and so validates its return on investment.

Coaching is still a somewhat new and exciting field, but it is no longer in its adolescence, it is maturing and developing and becoming known as a highly valuable profession to awaken hidden and underdeveloped potentials so clients can take their skills to new levels of performance and expertise. This enables people, groups, organisations, and communities to self-actualize – to become their highest and best and achieve their desired outcomes.


So, if you’re someone who wants to engage with a Coach, then engaging with a Meta Coach ensures that you’re investing in someone who has successfully certified in some of the most rigorous Coach training in the world, with a skill set that far surpasses the industry norm.

Remember, that as trained Meta-Coaches we can answer the question: What to do with whom at any given point in time and how to do a particular intervention, and why, this ensures that your coaching sessions are valuable and transformational experiences.  


  • Meta-Coaching System: Systematic Coaching at It's Best, L. Michael Hall

Tamara Pickard

Tamara Pickard is an Executive Coach, Trainer and a Managing Director of Modo Coaching and Training, with many years of experience leading large organisations. Tamara is a certified Meta-Coach, Master NLP practitioner and experienced Enneagram facilitator, and her passion is to facilitate people to discover and actualise their highest potentials in their personal and professional lives.

Tamara Pickard

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