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This is a 3 day workshop.

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Workshop Overview

If you have completed Part 1 of Modo's Enneagram Pathway - Know Thy House, and if you are ready to pry under the foundation of who you think you are, then Part 2 - The Pick Axe Work is for you. This is a 3-day intensive Enneagram workshop where you will continue learning about yourself and others in a safe group environment. These workshops are limited in size so you will have the opportunity to go deeply into each topic and really understand how you can use the Enneagram as a tool for your own personal growth.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for anyone with an interest in going deeper than theory on personality, this workshop is for people who are willing to do the work and may particularly benefit people in the following roles..

  • Individuals & Couples
  • Parents
  • Mental Health Professionals
  • Leaders & Managers
  • Coaches
  • Trainers & Facilitators
  • HR Professionals

Workshop Details

Everything you need will be provided to you.

Tickets start from $897 in capital cities

This workshop has received a 5 star rating from participants.

What will you learn?

All of our Enneagram personal development workshops are devoted to the primary goal of the Enneagram, to provide you with a broader perspective on your life and to use these insights as a basis for personal growth and transformation.

Part 1 was about understanding the Enneagram system and setting the foundation for your personal growth. In part 2, you will take a journey into your heart centre where you will pry under the foundation of personality to get a sneak peak of the treasure that awaits you. Part 2 is where we illuminate a pathway to liberation. You will be invited to embark on a Hero's Journey with us to discover that you are not your type, but that you have all 9 types within you, opening you up to completely new ways of being.

Our participants report all kinds of positive benefits as a result of attending this workshop, and we've listed some of them in the coloured boxes. Click or hover on the boxes to find out how attending this workshop could benefit you. 

Meet your facilitators

Tamara Pickard

Over the past 20 years I’ve found the Enneagram to be the most precise and profound self-inquiry tool for my own self-awareness and for assisting me in deeply understanding others. Since identifying with the type two strategy, I’ve been able to make sense of my behaviours and to break patterns of thinking and behaving that used to run me. In my experience, it has been impossible to address my behaviours without addressing the psychology behind them. This is what the Enneagram has given me - the “Why” behind my behaviour. I’m passionate about sharing the wisdom of the Enneagram with anyone who would like to free themselves from their own unhelpful patterns and to uncover their highest potentials.

Donna Woodrow

I started my Enneagram journey almost 10 years ago. After finding myself in a dangerous situation and without a voice in the world, I deeply questioned the status quo. I wished that there was another way to live. Since identifying with the Type 9 strategy, I have learned to speak up for myself and show up in my life - taking action where it really counts. I've even overcome overwhelming anxieties. I'd love to share more of my story with you at the workshop and to learn about your journey and how it led you to where you are.

What's Included?

When you register to attend our Enneagram Part 1 workshop, you get access to these goodies, all included in your ticket price.

modo workshop refreshments included - Enneagram Part 2

We provide healthy refreshments for morning and afternoon tea including tea and coffee for our in-person workshops.

modo workshops manuals included - Enneagram Part 2
Beautifully Designed

If we update our workbooks within 12 months, you will receive a digital copy with the new content, free of charge!

growth 128 - Enneagram Part 2
For Free

Your registration means you can revisit any of our Part 1 workshops in future, for free. Pay once, attend and grow for life!

Josh Howell - Enneagram Part 2

A treasure trove of valuable information!

Tamara's coaching is simply brilliant. She is incredibly present, perceptive and skilled in the art. The workshop that Tamara and Donna ran was fantastic. The theory and practical exercises were balanced which meant I was still feeling fully engaged by the end of the day. The accompanying manual is a treasure trove of valuable information. As for the hosts themselves, they are a delight to work with. Thank you Tamara and Donna 1f642 - Enneagram Part 2

Josh Howell
Max Young - Enneagram Part 2

Highly Recommend!

The Enneagram workshop facilitated by Donna and Tam is humorous, profound, enlightening and pragmatic. They are a dynamic duo with a wealth of love, knowledge and experience. Highly recommend!

Max Young Coach & Facilitator
Soo Balbi - Enneagram Part 2

Highly recommend them.

Tamara and Donna bring a wealth of knowledge and insight to their programs, along with sharply honed facilitation skills. Practices throughout ensure an embodied experience as well as an intellectual understanding for participants. I just completed my second 3 day workshop with them and highly recommend them to anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the Enneagram and how it plays out in their own lives.

Soo Balbi
Ana Bosnic - Enneagram Part 2

So beautifully facilitated

Just did their 2 day Part 1 workshop.. Wow! Learned so much about each type and the levels of health within my own. Thank you Tam. So beautifully facilitated.

Ana Bosnic
Kyle Winter - Enneagram Part 2

An incredible experience

I attended Part 1 of Modo's Enneagram Pathway and found it to be an incredible experience. Donna did an excellent job at guiding the group through their journeys and helped us as we uncovered some hard truths. I got more out of this workshop than I could ever have dreamed of and I can't wait to attend the next part. I highly recommend others to attend this course or any other course offered by Modo. You won't regret it.

Kyle Winter
none - Enneagram Part 2

I feel so blessed to have crossed paths with Tam and Donna and been able to participate in the Enneagram "Know Thy House" workshop 1. They have been so supportive, warm and engaging and I found the experience very enlightening and empowering. To say I've learnt a lot about my inner workings is an understatement. I've dipped a toe into the ocean of my inner-self and can't wait to jump in for Part 2. This course is a gift you give to yourself.

Hugh. Maitri Student
Amy Bell - Enneagram Part 2

Magnificent skill

Passion, enthusiasm, depth of knowledge and magnificent skill in meeting every member of the group where they're at. After Level 1 with Modo, my brain is buzzing excitedly with personal and professional applications of this stuff.

Amy Bell
Bonita Capuano - Enneagram Part 2

I learnt so much!

Thank you for a insightful, educational two days! I learnt so much, not only about myself but how others navigate through life which will help me immensely in my own business. Tamara and Donna have a wealth of knowledge in this area and bring their absolute passion to each day. Keep doing what you're doing!

Bonita Capuano
leanne price - Enneagram Part 2

I have experienced phenomenal shifts...

Since participating in the Enneagram Workshop, I have experienced phenomenal shifts in mind, body and soul. Modo Coaching and Training provides a professional and safe environment to heal and transcend your ego in a gentle way.

Leanne Price
Bolor Erdene Altangerel - Enneagram Part 2

I have really enjoyed Enneagram Part 1

Tamara and Donna are the angels to opening up your real sense of self and keep in touch with your true self. I have really enjoyed the enneagram part 1.

Bolor-Erdene Altangerel
Tzara Attwater - Enneagram Part 2

Inspiring to Witness

Tamara and Donna provide fully integrated workshops that speak to every level of understanding. Their knowledge and application of the Enneagram types was inspiring to witness. Thank you.

Tzara Attwater
nat rowette - Enneagram Part 2

I have seen strong growth

I found Tamara’s ability to deliver the framework of the Enneagram as ground breaking in cracking the long-standing codes of my personality. I have been applying this work to my business and personal life and I have seen strong growth with much less stress and effort.

Natalie Rowette Owner Athletes Foot
Donovan Hay - Enneagram Part 2

Can't wait for Part 2!

The Enneagram training was awesome a perfect mix of Theory & Prac thanks Tam. Can't wait for Part 2 & 3.

Donovan Hay
Elissa Gallo - Enneagram Part 2

Amazing facilitators

Amazing facilitators that are very knowledgable, creating a supportive and safe environment for learning and sharing.

Elissa Gallo

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