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How do I become more assertive?

Every month we invite our community to ask questions relating to their own professional and personal development. If you have a question you'd like to ask us, please send us an email here... info@modocoaching.com.au

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Do you know what your intentions are?

“Energy flows where attention goes as directed by intention.” When I first heard this statement many years ago, it was a profound moment for me. I became very curious and began to ask myself - What am I paying attention to? And I began to wonder, do I really intend to be paying attention to these things?

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You’re more intelligent than you might think!

When we say that someone is intelligent, it is generally accepted that we are referencing their intellectual and reasoning capacity. We’ve been measuring peoples reasoning ability in the form of IQ tests since 1904. However, is it possible that there are multiple forms of intelligence at play in any life form?And if so what do these look like? How do we know which kind of intelligence has been called into play by the organism that we are?  This article is written on the premise that we do in fact have three centres of intelligence within us. By using the lens of the Enneagram Framework, we can start to understand how each of these intelligences plays out in our day to day lives. 

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Meta-Coaching A Systematic Approach

Did you know that Meta-Coaching has become by all accounts the most systematic approach to Coaching anywhere in the world! You can check out our related blog Why choose a Meta-Coach.

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What is Self-Management?

In my early twenties I thought my inability to get out of bed when my alarm went off was something biological. Maybe I was missing the "early riser" gene and I couldn't change that. Oh, and then there was that time when I thought I could only eat healthy food if my partner was eating healthy too. Things really needed to change for me, and they did. I developed self-management skills.

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What is Coaching? (And What it is Not)

There are a range of different services to assist with your professional development and sometimes it challenging to know which one will yield you the best results. In this article we're going to discuss what coaching is, and what it is not. So that you are more informed to make a better decision. Next time you consider hiring a coach, you'll have a better idea of what to expect. 

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Applications of the Enneagram

You may have heard of the Enneagram, or even know the Enneagram quite well, but do you know the many ways in which the Enneagram can benefit us and those around us? In this blog, we'll look at some of the ways in which we use the Enneagram to benefit your personal and professional development, and how it also allows us to enact social change on a global scale.  

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Why Choose a Meta-Coach?

Choosing your coach is one of the most important decisions you will make. Think about this for a moment, a Coach is there to assist you with your professional and personal development, so that you can step into your highest potential and live your best life. This means that your Coach and their skills and knowledge – to coach you – determines the quality of your coaching experience – therefore your outcomes. Given that coaching is a serious commitment on your behalf, wouldn’t you want the best possible Coach that you can find?

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Does Coaching Really Work?

In 2015, the International Coaching Federation (ICF) estimated that the total global revenue from coaching was 2.356 Billion USD. Still today, the coaching industry doesn't appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. With a continued rise in popularity of coaching services, we can surmise that coaching must be achieving results. This article aims to explain some of the research that shows us coaching is currently working. I'm also going to discuss how statistics don't answer the question you might really be asking.

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What is the Enneagram of Personality?

Newcomers to the Enneagram might be wondering what this unique symbol represents. You might be asking, what is the Enneagram of Personality? And how is this symbol relevant to my personality. Represented in the symbol is the Enneagram Philosophy, which we discuss in this post. We also take a brief look at how it came to be in our lives today.

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