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Our executive coaching programs help managers and leaders to make real changes, which transform themselves and the people around them, increasing business results and performance...

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We offer a range of ready-made and customised corporate training courses, which provide leading edge resources for managers and leaders. What kind of training would benefit your team?

Our Enneagram

The Enneagram is a framework for understanding people, which results in powerful increases in employee engagement, communication, positive interactions and team collaboration...

nat rowette - Home

I have seen strong growth...

I found Modo's ability to deliver the framework of the Enneagram as ground breaking in cracking the long-standing codes of my personality. I have been applying this work to my business and personal life and I have seen strong growth with much less stress and effort.

Natalie Rowett Owner Athletes Foot, Albury
Max Young - Home

Donna & Tamara are an inspiring and amazing duo

The Enneagram training was humorous, profound, illuminating and most importantly (for me), grounded. Donna and Tamara are an inspiring and amazing duo with a wealth of knowledge and experience with the Enneagram. This is demonstrated through subtle yet profound nuances and great real-life examples. For me, that was a difference that made the difference in learning about the Enneagram with Modo Coaching and Training.

Max Young
rosie saxton - Home

It will add to my toolbox as a counselor

What I learned in the Enneagram training will add to my "toolbox" as a Counselor, particularly in the field of couple's work and will also have many benefits in my interactions in my personal life.

Rosie Saxton Doctor

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Modo Creative Co.

We're excited to announce our new Etsy Store. We are two sisters who both have creative bones in our bodies and have always had it in the back of our minds that one day we'd share this creativity with the world. So together we have set out on this project to create some fun, inspiring, and at times quirky designs and products to share with you - to support and inspire you on your personal development journey.

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Inspirational Artwork
& Prints (Coming Soon)

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Practical Enneagram
Resources (Coming Soon)

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One of the topics that clients regularly bring to their coaching sessions is the client being let down by others and their lack of responsibility. "John said he would do X, but he didn't, and now I have to do it." And as much as you might want John to do X, and try as we might, neither you or I can make John do anything.
“One of the most powerful influences on emotional health and well-being is the capacity to accept reality, to accept what[...]
You may have heard someone say, “I have low self-esteem” or you may think somebody you know has “low self-esteem”,[...]

We  believe  in  helping  each  other  out.

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Corporate Referral Program

Relationships are important to us so we have a special loyalty offer just for you! Click below to find out how you could save your organisation when you next purchase with Modo...

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Albury Study Group

Would you like to continue to deepen your learning about the Enneagram with like-minded people? Come and join our study group in Albury, NSW. Click below to learn more...

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Enneagram Prison Project

The Enneagram Prison Project is one of the ways we're giving back. Tamara and Donna are supporting the growth of EPP in Australia, to bring a new way of rehabilitation to our incarcerated...

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a ruthlessly compassionate conversation between a coach and client that facilitates the clients highest potential, while working towards the clients desired outcomes. Coaching works at the level of structure and process about your content. This means no matter what area of your life you wish to engage a coach for, they can assist you to get your outcome. Read more about our coaching here.

Why Choose Coaching?

Sometimes talking things through with your friends or family just doesn't cut it. They may not be asking you the right questions, or providing the support that you need. Hiring a coach will help you get a new perspective on your challenges. A coach can spot patterns of thinking and behaviour that your friends and family can't see. Sometimes it takes a trained professional. Want more reasons to choose a Meta-Coach, read our blog here.

Are your coaches Accredited?

YES! All of our coaches are Associate Certified Meta-Coaches (ACMC) and Meta-NLP™ Master Practitioners.  We are also experienced Enneagram facilitators and certified trainers and assessors! We have a thirst for understanding human behaviour and so we have trained in many methodologies of the human potential movement. (NLP, Neuro-Semantics, Stages and Somatic Practices to name a few!) Our experience allows us to bring many tools to your coaching session to assist you in getting what you want, in a way that makes sense to you!

What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a framework for understanding personality and 'why we do what we do.' The Enneagram is often referred to as a personality typing system or typology, but it is really a tool for personal development. It's especially useful if you seek to understand yourself and others both at home and at work. 

Can I try coaching first, before committing?

Yes, and in fact, we encourage it! We offer every new client the opportunity to have their first 30-minute life coaching session free. This allows you the opportunity to see what all the excitement is about, and it also gives you and your coach a chance to see if you are a good fit for one another. There's zero obligation to continue after your first free session.

Should I coach online, or face to face?

We get asked this question a lot, and both have its unique benefits. Ultimately however, the choice is yours! What's important is that you choose a comfortable environment free from distractions. This will provide the optimal conditions for coaching. If you choose to coach with us online, we use Skype or Zoom to host the sessions, which you can record. If you would prefer your sessions in-person with your coach, we currently offer these too in Albury and Brisbane.

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