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Bonita Capuano - Modo Home

I learnt so much!

Thank you for a insightful, educational two days! I learnt so much, not only about myself but how others navigate through life which will help me immensely in my own business. Tamara and Donna have a wealth of knowledge in this area and bring their absolute passion to each day. Keep doing what you're doing!

Bonita Capuano
Soo Balbi - Modo Home

Highly recommend them.

Tamara and Donna bring a wealth of knowledge and insight to their programs, along with sharply honed facilitation skills. Practices throughout ensure an embodied experience as well as an intellectual understanding for participants. I just completed my second 3 day workshop with them and highly recommend them to anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the Enneagram and how it plays out in their own lives.

Soo Balbi
nat rowette - Modo Home

I have seen strong growth...

I found Modo's ability to deliver the framework of the Enneagram as ground breaking in cracking the long-standing codes of my personality. I have been applying this work to my business and personal life and I have seen strong growth with much less stress and effort.

Natalie Rowett Owner Athletes Foot, Albury
Max Young - Modo Home

Donna & Tamara are an inspiring and amazing duo

The Enneagram training was humorous, profound, illuminating and most importantly (for me), grounded. Donna and Tamara are an inspiring and amazing duo with a wealth of knowledge and experience with the Enneagram. This is demonstrated through subtle yet profound nuances and great real-life examples. For me, that was a difference that made the difference in learning about the Enneagram with Modo Coaching and Training.

Max Young
rosie saxton - Modo Home

It will add to my toolbox as a counselor

What I learned in the Enneagram training will add to my "toolbox" as a Counselor, particularly in the field of couple's work and will also have many benefits in my interactions in my personal life.

Rosie Saxton Doctor
Bolor Erdene Altangerel - Modo Home

I have really enjoyed Enneagram Part 1

Tamara and Donna are the angels to opening up your real sense of self and keep in touch with your true self. I have really enjoyed the enneagram part 1.

Bolor-Erdene Altangerel
Josh Howell - Modo Home

A treasure trove of valuable information!

Tamara's coaching is simply brilliant. She is incredibly present, perceptive and skilled in the art. The workshop that Tamara and Donna ran was fantastic. The theory and practical exercises were balanced which meant I was still feeling fully engaged by the end of the day. The accompanying manual is a treasure trove of valuable information. As for the hosts themselves, they are a delight to work with. Thank you Tamara and Donna 1f642 - Modo Home

Josh Howell
Amy Bell - Modo Home

Magnificent skill

Passion, enthusiasm, depth of knowledge and magnificent skill in meeting every member of the group where they're at. After Level 1 with Modo, my brain is buzzing excitedly with personal and professional applications of this stuff.

Amy Bell
tvo no photo - Modo Home

Exceptional facilitator.

Tamara is an exceptional facilitator and her delivery of our training course was fantastic. She kept the course moving and made the content exciting.

Wispar Pas
tvo no photo - Modo Home

It is so worth it!

Done the influential communication short course yesterday and it is so worth it! I cannot believe how little I knew and how much I could learn in only an 8 hour period. Thanks so much for helping me become a better leader!

Dayle Richens
Mark Woodrow - Modo Home

Modo is a fantastic team!

Modo is a fantastic team of passionate and knowledgeable professionals who helped guide me through the Enneagram and discover more about my personality traits, helping me to further my personal growth.

Mark Woodrow
Kyle Winter - Modo Home

An incredible experience

I attended Part 1 of Modo's Enneagram Pathway and found it to be an incredible experience. Donna did an excellent job at guiding the group through their journeys and helped us as we uncovered some hard truths. I got more out of this workshop than I could ever have dreamed of and I can't wait to attend the next part. I highly recommend others to attend this course or any other course offered by Modo. You won't regret it.

Kyle Winter
Donovan Hay - Modo Home

Can't wait for Part 2!

The Enneagram training was awesome a perfect mix of Theory & Prac thanks Tam. Can't wait for Part 2 & 3.

Donovan Hay

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Join the conversation on next-stage organisations! Learn how you can begin to transform and build a radically more soulful, and purposeful organisational model...

EPPAustralia - Modo Home

Enneagram Prison Project

The Enneagram Prison Project is one of the ways we're giving back. Tamara and Donna are supporting the growth of EPP in Australia, to bring a new way of rehabilitation to our incarcerated...

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a ruthlessly compassionate conversation between a coach and client that facilitates the clients highest potential, while working towards the clients desired outcomes. Coaching works at the level of structure and process about your content. This means no matter what area of your life you wish to engage a coach for, they can assist you to get your outcome. Read more about our coaching here.

Why Choose Coaching?

Sometimes talking things through with your friends or family just doesn't cut it. They may not be asking you the right questions, or providing the support that you need. Hiring a coach will help you get a new perspective on your challenges. A coach can spot patterns of thinking and behaviour that your friends and family can't see. Sometimes it takes a trained professional. Want more reasons to choose a Meta-Coach, read our blog here.

Are your coaches Accredited?

YES! All of our coaches are Associate Certified Meta-Coaches (ACMC) and Meta-NLP™ Master Practitioners.  We are also experienced Enneagram facilitators and certified trainers and assessors! We have a thirst for understanding human behaviour and so we have trained in many methodologies of the human potential movement. (NLP, Neuro-Semantics, Stages and Somatic Practices to name a few!) Our experience allows us to bring many tools to your coaching session to assist you in getting what you want, in a way that makes sense to you!

What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a framework for understanding personality and 'why we do what we do.' The Enneagram is often referred to as a personality typing system or typology, but it is really a tool for personal development. It's especially useful if you seek to understand yourself and others both at home and at work. Check out our blog here.

Can I try coaching first, before committing?

Yes, and in fact, we encourage it! We offer every new client the opportunity to experience coaching in an introductory 30-minute life coaching session. This allows you the opportunity to see what all the excitement is about, and it also gives you and your coach a chance to see if you are a good fit for one another. There's zero obligation to continue after your first session.

Should I coach online, or face to face?

We get asked this question a lot, (and we've tried to answer it here) and both have its unique benefits. Ultimately however, the choice is yours! What's important is that you choose a comfortable environment free from distractions. This will provide the optimal conditions for coaching. If you choose to coach with us online, we use Skype or Zoom to host the sessions, which you can record. If you would prefer your sessions in-person with your coach, we currently offer these too in Albury and Brisbane.