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3 Hour Masterclasses
Jam Packed Intro Sessions

Start your Enneagram journey with a live Masterclass. Join the Modo Team face to face where you will learn about the 9 personality types, the foundations of the Enneagram and how to apply this wisdom in your daily life…

The Enneagram Pathway
Treasure to be found here

Calling all curious and courageous souls who want to look within. This pathway includes 2, 3 and 4 day workshops which invite you to deeply know yourself and understand others, and to join our growing Enneagram community.

Evolutionary Coaching
Personal, Executive and Team Coaching

If you want to take your personal and professional development to the next level, then coaching may be for you. As Meta-coaches, we facilitate transformational conversations and experiences so that you can step into your highest potential.

Enneagram in Business
Be the game changer

What if your leaders and teams were given superpowers to lead, communicate and relate? Learn how to apply the Enneagram in your business to facilitate emotional intelligence in your people for greater success.

I have seen strong growth...

I found Modo's ability to deliver the framework of the Enneagram as ground breaking in cracking the long-standing codes of my personality. I have been applying this work to my business and personal life and I have seen strong growth with much less stress and effort.

Natalie Rowett , Owner Athletes Foot, Albury

Donna & Tamara are an inspiring and amazing duo

The Enneagram training was humorous, profound, illuminating and most importantly (for me), grounded. Donna and Tamara are an inspiring and amazing duo with a wealth of knowledge and experience with the Enneagram. This is demonstrated through subtle yet profound nuances and great real-life examples. For me, that was a difference that made the difference in learning about the Enneagram with Modo Coaching and Training.

Max Young

It will add to my toolbox as a counselor

What I learned in the Enneagram training will add to my "toolbox" as a Counselor, particularly in the field of couple's work and will also have many benefits in my interactions in my personal life.

Rosie Saxton , Doctor

I have been able to find my true purpose and direction

I have been able to find my true purpose and direction in life through coaching with Donna. I would highly recommend Modo Coaching & Training to anyone wanting to learn new ways to live and grow.

Hanieh Saatchi IM Engineer

Modo Coaching & Training
Your Partner in Business

We believe our training is the difference that makes all the difference in business. We provide tailored training to assist teams and individuals in their professional development. Including training in emotional intelligence, effective communication, conflict resolution and time management. Contact us today to discuss.

We believe in helping each other out.

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Modo Coaching Loyalty Program

Referral Program

Relationships are important to us, so we have a special loyalty offer, just for you! Click below to find out how you could save on your next purchase with Modo Coaching & Training.

Modo Coaching Enneagram Study Group

Enneagram Study Group

Would you like to continue to deepen your learning about the Enneagram with like-minded people? Come and join our study group in Albury, NSW. Click below to learn more.

Enneagram Prison Project Australia

EPP Australia

The Enneagram Prison Project is one of the ways we're giving back. Tamara and Donna are supporting the growth of EPP internationally, to bring a new way of rehabilitation to our incarcerated.

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