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Applications of the Enneagram

You may have heard of the Enneagram, or even know the Enneagram quite well, but do you know the many ways in which the Enneagram can benefit us and those around us? In this blog, we'll look at some of the ways in which we use the Enneagram to benefit your personal and professional development, and how it also allows us to enact social change on a global scale.  

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Why Choose a Meta-Coach?

Choosing your coach is one of the most important decisions you will make. Think about this for a moment, a Coach is there to assist you with your professional and personal development, so that you can step into your highest potential and live your best life. This means that your Coach and their skills and knowledge – to coach you – determines the quality of your coaching experience – therefore your outcomes. Given that coaching is a serious commitment on your behalf, wouldn’t you want the best possible Coach that you can find?

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Top Tips for Achieving Goals

Here are three things you can do today to drastically improve your chance of success in actualizing your goals. Often the only thing standing in your way is you. At Modo we understand how important it is to close the knowing / doing gap, so you can get what you really want in life.

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Does Coaching Really Work?

In 2015, the International Coaching Federation (ICF) estimated that the total global revenue from coaching was 2.356 Billion USD. Still today, the coaching industry doesn't appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. With a continued rise in popularity of coaching services, we can surmise that coaching must be achieving results. This article aims to explain some of the research that shows us coaching is currently working. I'm also going to discuss how statistics don't answer the question you might really be asking.

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What is Executive Coaching?

So, you have heard of executive coaching and you would like to know more. What is executive coaching precisely? How does it work, and why is it sought after so heavily? The purpose of this blog is to explain what executive coaching is and is not. Then you can decide if it is for you. This post could lead you one step closer to your next level of development...

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What is the Enneagram of Personality?

Newcomers to the Enneagram might be wondering what this unique symbol represents. You might be asking, what is the Enneagram of Personality? And how is this symbol relevant to my personality. Represented in the symbol is the Enneagram Philosophy, which we discuss in this post. We also take a brief look at how it came to be in our lives today.

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how to get the most from your coaching session

How to Get the Most From Your Coaching Session

Yearly, billions of dollars are spent around the world on coaching. It makes sense that such a large investment demands a substantial return. Studies have shown that if you really work at getting the best out of your coaching sessions, you will yield the highest returns from your coaching experience. So in this post, we'll show you how to get the most from your coaching session with Modo. 

This post lists 6 things you can do to optimise your experience of your coaching session with Modo. The way in which you approach your coaching session will make a huge difference to what you get out of them, and how much you achieve. Listed below are ways that you can optimise your coaching with Modo. Moreover, how to yield the best returns on your investment in YOU.

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Who Needs An Executive Coach?

Did you know that executive coaching is now heavily sought after? Seeking help is no longer considered a sign of weakness, actually, having a coach is often a status symbol and can demonstrate your organisations investment in you. So who needs an executive coach? Athlete's, CEO's, politician's and even musicians have a coach these days. Shouldn't you have one too?

The answer is no. Hopefully this post can help you decide if this kind of coaching is right for you. Or whether it's right for your employees. Then you can make the best decision to further the growth of your key people.

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How to choose the right coach

How to Choose the Right Coach

Congratulations, if you are reading this then it's possible that you have made the decision to engage in coaching! But wait a minute, where do you start? How will you know that you have found the right coach for you? The purpose of this blog is to assist you in engaging with a coach who has the right knowledge, skills, style and delivery that will be vital to you reaching your outcomes.

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The Enneagram in Business

If you want to understand human behaviour, then the Enneagram is a powerful tool. If it's used in the right way it promotes rapid growth for an employee. However, the point of this blog is to show you that the business benefits too! In a word, the more an employee grows, the more the team grows. A leader that invests in their people, invests in the success of the business. But it runs deeper than this...

The Enneagram is a blueprint for self-observation. Not only for observing yourself but for your business too. With the Enneagram, you observe where you and others are expending energy. We don't observe for the sake of observing. We apply focus so your teams become more productive, proactive, and responsive.

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