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Top Tips for Overcoming Anxiety

Here are three top tips for managing and overcoming your anxiety.


Top Tips for August, 2019


Build Awareness

Your anxiety doesn't have to be a frightening stranger and it doesn't have to lead to panic attacks. Get to know your anxiety so you become familiar with your own bodies natural fear response. Try asking yourself these questions when you are feeling anxious:

1. What physical sensations are present?

2. Where in my body do I feel anxiety?


Have a Plan

So, anxiety has reared it's ugly head, what can you do about it? Here are some proven strategies that you can employ next time you're feeling anxious.

  • Connect with your body.

Exercise is our bodies natural way of releasing chemicals that accumulate during stress. Don't just burn the calories, burn the stress away! You don't have to run a marathon, try taking a walk around the block or doing some star jumps to get the heart pumping and watch how your state changes.

  • Cultivate a spacious mind.

Meditation helps to quieten an overactive mind. Through regular meditation practice you learn to detach yourself more from your worrying and negative thoughts, and all it takes it 10 minutes per day!

  • Do something fun.

Find something you love to do that you can immerse yourself into, such as rolling around with your pets, or doing a jigsaw puzzle. Direct your focus away from the unhelpful thoughts and towards something fun and engaging.


Get Support

You've probably heard it before, because it works. It helps to talk. Whether you talking to a professional or a friend it's important to acknowledge your anxiety and know that you're not alone. 

Coaching is a proven way for you to master your own brain and find whatever it is you are seeking... Perhaps it's more peace and quiet in your mind, or setting goals for overcoming your anxiety.

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About the Author Donna Woodrow

Donna takes a genuine interest in the collective and personal growth of the human race and its individuals. Donna is a seeker who loves to travel and invests considerable time in her own personal growth. Donna is a professional coach and trainer, experienced Enneagram facilitator and the Managing Director and Partner of Modo Coaching & Training.

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