What to Expect When Coaching Online 

 May 12, 2020

By  Donna Woodrow

Does coaching online work? We get asked this question a lot. Often by people who have never been coached before, and sometimes by those who have been coaching for years and have decided they'd like to try something new. I understand why you might be deliberating over the decision of whether to coach online or face-to-face, after all it is an important decision. You are investing in yourself and you want the best possible experience and outcome from your coaching sessions.


Most people that ask me this question are already leaning towards online coaching and simply want some more information to back up their decision and to assure themselves that they're not making the wrong choice. Sometimes you just need to talk it through and understand the pros and cons of online coaching before making your decision. So let me start by assuring you that there is no absolute right or wrong in this decision, there's only what is right for YOU.

Some of my clients just love coaching from the comfort of their couch, with a freshly made cuppa - made just the way they like it. I've also had clients tell me they'd prefer to coach face to face so they can shake my hand on first meeting me and 'size me up' so to speak. Whether you're new to coaching or are considering changing your coaching delivery method, this article is for you. I'll share with you the benefits of coaching online and I'll also highlight some questions to ask yourself as you make this decision.   

Online Coaching with Modo

We can't speak for all online coaching as every coach will have a different procedure and delivery style. However we can share with you what to expect when coaching online with Modo.

Believe it or not, coaching online is pretty straight forward. You don't need to have any technical know-how or be a computer wiz. But you do of course need a computer, internet connection, and you'll also need somewhere private to carry out your sessions.

We use the Zoom platform for our online coaching sessions and once you book a session with us you will receive an email with a clickable link. All you need to do is click on the link and follow the on screen prompts.  We recommend you do this between 5-10 minutes before your session starts.

Note: We're open to using other video calling platforms too. Some of our clients prefer Skype or Microsoft Teams, if you have a preference, just let us know. 

The Top 3 Benefits of Coaching Online

There are many reasons why our clients choose to coach online, but there are three main reasons that most of our clients choose to coach online.

  • Convenience
  • Feelings of comfort and safety
  • The ability to record sessions

1. Convenience

The number 1 reason that our clients choose online coaching is for convenience. After a busy day at the office, running errands, preparing dinner or getting the kids to their sporting events, the last thing some of our clients want to do is to try and fit another commute into their busy schedule. Knowing that they can stay in their office, or go home and fit their coaching session in at a time that suits them is just what they need. We also have clients in remote locations where either there are no qualified coaches in their area, or they couldn't find the right coach for them in their town, so turning to Modo for online coaching made absolute sense for them.

2. Feelings of comfort and safety

This really is a personal preference, because we make every effort to ensure your coaching session is comfortable and that you feel safe no matter where we coach you. But I guess there's no denying it, that some people just feel most at ease, or able to get into their best coach-able state from the comfort of their own home.

3. Recording sessions

This is a big win for the argument of whether to coach online or face to face. Because we use Zoom, we give you the option to record your entire coaching session. This means that you can re-watch your session anytime you like. You might be wondering how this is a benefit, or who re-watches their coaching sessions? Sounds a little weird at first, until you realise the potential in re-watching your session.

A single coaching session can bring about several new awareness's for you - or what we call "Ahah!" Moments. And because we're often uncovering habituated patterns of behaviour, re-watching your session is a wonderful tool to revisit that exact moment where a new way of being seemed possible - the moment where the old pattern of behaviour revealed itself and it all made sense to you. Revisiting the "Ahah" moment reminds you about the new awareness you gained from your coaching session - sometimes clients even discover new awareness's, that they didn't discover the first time from re-watching their session.

When you Shouldn't Coach Online

As I've just laid out, there are some real benefits to coaching online, however I wouldn't be giving you the full picture if I didn't share that there are a few circumstances where online coaching is not really practical.

1. If your internet is unreliable.

Of course online coaching requires an internet connection. Coaching works best when you and your coach can see each other, so to ensure an interruption free coaching session, we recommend that you have a stable internet connection. Intermittent lags or delays in the conversation can really hurt the rapport that you and your coach are building. No one wants their coaching time wasted by network problems.

If you're not sure if your internet speed is fast enough or stable enough we'd be happy to offer you a free 30 minute coaching session on Zoom. This will allow us to test out our connection! This session has no strings attached, with no obligation to continue coaching with us whether your connection works or not.

2. If you don't have privacy.

Another situation where online coaching is not feasible is if you don't have privacy during you sessions. We always recommend to our clients that they find a space in their home where they will have privacy and will be without interruptions from family members or room mates. We recommend you let your loved ones know that you are unavailable during your coaching sessions. If you're going to invest in your development, then why not get the most out of it by being fully present and committed to your coaching session.


So, there are some real benefits to online coaching, you get to complete your sessions around your own schedule, in a place that you are most comfortable, and what's more, you get to re-watch your sessions to access deeper learnings from your session.

Online coaching may work for you if:

  • You have a busy schedule, or simply dislike commuting.
  • You want to record and re-watch your sessions.
  • You have a safe, private space to coach from.
  • You are located remotely and don't have access to a Modo coach in your city.

If you're still not sure about online coaching and you'd prefer to coach face-to-face we'd love to hear from you too. Our face-to-face sessions are available in Albury/Wodonga and Brisbane. 

Donna Woodrow

Donna takes a genuine interest in the collective and personal growth of the human race and its individuals. Donna is a seeker who loves to travel and invests considerable time in her own personal growth. Donna is a professional coach and trainer, experienced Enneagram facilitator and the Managing Director and Partner of Modo Coaching & Training.

Donna Woodrow

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