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You’re more intelligent than you might think!

When we say that someone is intelligent, it is generally accepted that we are referencing their intellectual and reasoning capacity. We’ve been measuring peoples reasoning ability in the form of IQ tests since 1904. However, is it possible that there are multiple forms of intelligence at play in any life form?And if so what do these look like? How do we know which kind of intelligence has been called into play by the organism that we are?  This article is written on the premise that we do in fact have three centres of intelligence within us. By using the lens of the Enneagram Framework, we can start to understand how each of these intelligences plays out in our day to day lives. 

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The 2 Biggest Myths About Coaching

You know, I hear the darnedest things. During my time as an Executive and Personal Development coach, I have heard a range of assumptions and beliefs that people hold about coaching as a profession. These are assumptions which in my experience are rarely true, and in some cases completely in opposition to what the field of coaching is all about.

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What to Expect When Coaching Online

Does coaching online work? We get asked this question a lot. Often by people who have never been coached before, and sometimes by those who have been coaching for years and have decided they'd like to try something new. I understand why you might be deliberating over the decision of whether to coach online or face-to-face, after all it is an important decision. You are investing in yourself and you want the best possible experience and outcome from your coaching sessions.

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Instructor-Led Training vs Online Training

Whether you're a leader, business owner, HR professional, or simply an employee interested in their own development, you may have wondered what kind of training will get you a better result - instructor-led training, or online training? This article aims to clear up some of the myths surrounding these two kinds of training. 

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Closing the Knowing-Doing Gap

For most of us there is far too much of a gap between knowing and doing. We know more than we do. Is this true for you? Do you know a great deal more than you do? We know more about healthy eating and exercise than we put into practice, we know more about listening, supporting and other relationship skills than we do, especially when we’re under pressure and feel stress. So how does this happen? How do we “know” something, yet we fail to act on this “knowledge?”

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7 Core Competencies of Meta-Coaching Part 2

This is the second part of a 2-part article on the 7 core competencies of Meta-Coaching. If you haven't read Part 1 yet, we recommend you have a quick read here before continuing. 

In Part 1, we looked at Supporting, Listening, Questioning and Meta-Questioning... so what more does a Coach need? Let's take a look at the final 3 skills of the 7 core competencies of Meta-Coaching. 

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7 Core Competencies of Meta-Coaching – Part 1

Did you know that Meta-Coaching is the only coaching certification in the world that benchmarks its students on 7 core coaching skills. It's quite surprising, that there's a whole industry of Coaches, plenty of which have never been observed putting their skills into practice. This is Part 1 of a 2 part article which describes the 7 coaching skills. So that when your coach says they're a certified Meta-Coach,  you know the basic skills that they're going to have on board, and will be able to bring to your coaching session.

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I Don’t Know Doesn’t Stop a Meta-Coach

What does a Coach do when a client says, “I don’t know!”? What can a Coach do when they run up against the “I don’t know” roadblock? Do they quit? Do they shift to another subject? Do they ask the tormenting question that the client cannot answer and which they just told you they cannot answer, “Why don’t you know?” I hope not! So, if not that, then what’s a Meta-Coach to do?

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Meta-Coaching A Systematic Approach

Did you know that Meta-Coaching has become by all accounts the most systematic approach to Coaching anywhere in the world! You can check out our related blog Why choose a Meta-Coach.

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What is Self-Management?

In my early twenties I thought my inability to get out of bed when my alarm went off was something biological. Maybe I was missing the "early riser" gene and I couldn't change that. Oh, and then there was that time when I thought I could only eat healthy food if my partner was eating healthy too. Things really needed to change for me, and they did. I developed self-management skills.

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